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The Damcos range of valve actuators encompasses various levels of automation - from the simple, manually controlled hydraulic system to the highly advanced electro-hydraulic computerized system.

BRC - Hydraulic double-acting balanced rotary actuator 90 (quarter-turn). The BRCs are designed with a built-in crossover valve. They convert hydraulic energy into rotation with torque proportional to the applied pressure. The high-torque output is constant throughout the 90 degrees, and a balanced rotary principle eliminates side forces and/or bending of valve spindle. The rotation is produced by a multiple-helical spline engaging with similar splines on the piston. BRCs can be operated in any kind of environment. They are easily adapted to all well-known quarter-turn valves.


BRCF - Hydraulic single-acting balanced rotary spring-closing actuator 90 (quarter-turn, fail-safe). The design and function of the BRCFs are quite similar to those of the BRCs - with crossover valve, high-torque output and a balanced rotary working principle. However, the BRCFs are single-acting, which means that the oil is led to only one side of the piston whereas the other part - i.e. the upper part of the actuator - contains a package of disc springs. These springs provide the fail-safety; if a malfunction occurs and the hydraulic pressure is cut off, they simply close the valve.


KC - Hydraulic linear double-acting actuator. The KC is designed with built-in crossover valve and is equipped with a direct visual position indicator. The KC converts hydraulic energy into linear motion with thrust proportional to the applied pressure. The KC has no external moving parts during operation and has a built-in device for maintaining pressure at temperature variations.
The KC can be operated in any kind of environment and can easily be adapted to all well-known globe valves.


KF/KFR - Hydraulic linear single-acting spring-closing actuator. The KF/KFR is designed with built-in crossover valve and is equipped with a direct visual position indicator. The function is the similar to KC, but oil is only opening the valve, and it's closed by the spring. The KFR is also equipped with a unique emergency system; when the hydraulic pressure is not available, the valve can be opened and closed by means of a built-in manual hand pump.