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Oily and Sewage Water Equipment

Jowa systems for Oily and Sewage Water Treatment include the following equipment:

JOWA-BIO-STP Marine Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

The new designed JOWA BIO STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) is made for modern automatic operation onboard ships in accordance with IMO MEPC2(VI) and meets all the requirements in Marpol 73/78 annex IV.
JOWA BIO STP can handle all types of ships, sewage, black and grey water, black water only and galley water.

Emulsion Breaking Unit

JOWA Emulsion Breaking Unit is designed to break apart water in oily water emulsions. The unit separates up to 80% of the water in the emulsion.
The system is operating automatically, in a step-by-step program (PLC controlled). The working principle is flocculation.
When the system starts to fill up the settling tank with emulsified water, the emulsion breaking chemical is added, and mixed with the emulsified water and at the same time pH-adjusted. During settling time the chemicals will break the emulsion, and create 3 different layers. The bottom layer is discharged to the sludge tank and the treated water to the oily water separator. The top layer will remain in the tank.
Jowa produces the units with capacity from 8 to 32 3/h.

Oily Water Separator

The Jowa Oily Water Separators 3SEP OWS are type approved in accordance with IMO MEPC 107(49).
The unit has a dual-stage operation principle.
The first stage removes the free oil by gravity with the help of coalescence plates. An adjustable oil sensor controls the valve for automatic oil release to the sludge tank.
In the second stage emulsified oil is removed in the two filter tanks and the ppm value is monitored by a 15-ppm alarm. When the contamination falls below 15 ppm the overboard valve will open for clean water discharging. The collected free oil on top of each filter tank is released automatically to the sludge tank at a pre-set interval.

The unit is available in four different capacities: 1, 2.5, 5 10 3/h.