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Emerson Process Management
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Waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry

Uson Marine

Uson Marine has been a leading provider of sustainable, environmentally friendly waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry since 1983. The company has ISO 9001 and 14001 certification issued by Det Norske Veritas. Designed specifically for marine applications, Uson Marine solutions, know-how and experience help you minimize the cost and labour of waste handling onboard your rig or vessel, by collecting, sorting the waste into fractions, compacting them and finally storing them. In this way Uson Marine helps you comply with the relevant rules and regulations and minimize the environmental impact of your operations. We offer the full range of equipment from Uson Marine for Food Waste and Dry Waste processing and storage such as Macerators, Grease Separators, Shredders for any kind of waste, Crushers, Containers and many other which can be used stand alone or as parts of complete systems for collecting, sorting, treating and storing the waste onboard and help the owner to comply with regulations worldwide.

For the full list of equipment, details and to help us give you proper solution to handle the waste on your ship please contact us or visit the company web page - http://usonmarine.se/.