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Emerson Process Management
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Deck Equipment

ACTA is one of the leading engineering and production companies for cranes, deck equipment and life-saving equipment for use on large ships and offshore platforms. Today ACTA company founded in 1955 in Denmark, has both production and after-sales service throughout the world. We are offering the following deck equipment:

Marine Cranes

  • Electronical and Hydraulic gantry cranes (EGC and HGC) with lifting capacity 2 - 11,5 T
  • Hydraulic hose cranes (HHC), 1 - 25 T
  • Hydraulic stores cranes (HSC), 0,5 - 15 T
  • Provision cranes (PC)



Deck Equipment

  • Accommodation ladder winches
  • Anchor capstans/winches
  • Mooring capstans
  • Guide rollers

Life Saving Equipment.