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Tank Level Gauging and Draft Measurement

Radar Level Gauging in Cargo Tanks

Thanks to its non-contact gauging method, the radar technology is available for all type of tankers including LNG vessels and FPSO. The latest innovation Rosemount TankRadar STaR is an integrated 3-in-1 solution for Level Gauging, High Level and Overfill Alarm using one unit on deck.


Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level and Ship Draft Measurement

Electro-Pneumatic systems can be used for measuring levels and filling rates in all types of tanks such as fuel oil, lubrication oil, sludge oil, bilge, fresh water and ballast water tanks. The principle of Electro-Pneumatic system and its advantage is that precision type pressure sensors are installed in one or several cabinets in the Engine Control Room. Sensors measure back pressure of the constant air flow blowing trough the measuring pipe into the tank. This pressure is compared with atmospheric pressure and calculated to the hydrostatic level.


Level Gauging Using Pressure Sensors

The Ballast and Miscellaneous tanks level can also be measured by hydrostatic pressure sensors installed inside of tanks.>/p>