Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management
Tank Level Gauging and Draft Measurement
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Cargo Heating Management System
Marine Thermal Fluid Heaters
Oilon burners
Valves Remote Control
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Tank Cleaning
Water Equipment
Oily and Sewage Water Equipment
Oil Discharge Monitoring
Marine bunkering and fuel consumption control systems

Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level and Ship Draft Measurement

The electro-pneumatic systems provide reliable and accurate continuous on-line information on actual tank levels, possible water ingress and ship’s draft. Every tank, hold/ void space and draft measurement has its own dedicated sensor. All sensors are located in cabinets in a safe area.
Two main methods are being used to measure hydrostatic pressure:
Sounding pipe — used in tanks where bubbling air is fed into the tanks, or Pneumatic 1:1 pressure converter — used where air fed into the tanks is prohibited, such as in drinking water tanks.