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Emerson Process Management
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For prevention of environment pollution by the oil and garbage, ships have to equipped with the incinerators - special burners for the thermic waste utilization.
The Atlas Incinerators company offers incinerators in six different sizes with energy transformation ranging from 209 kW (180,000 kcal/h) to 2,3 MW (2,000,000 kcal/h) equivalent to burning sludge oil of IMO-composition with 20% water content from 24 l/h to 270 l/h.


  • Multi chambered design,
  • Simultaneous burning of oil sludge and solid waste,
  • Burning oil sludge with up to 50% water without pilot fuel,
  • Induced draught air ejector for evacuation of flue gases,
  • Certificates: MED, IMO, USCG and all leading classification societies.

Sludge Oil Tanks and Diesel Oil Tanks

To support our incinerators, we supply a range of sludge oil treatment tanks and diesel oil tanks.

Aggregate Solutions

Atlas Incinerators also offers complete aggregate solutions, where incinerator and all necessary equipment are mounted as a one unit.