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Ship Automation Systems

Automation Control Systems developed by Damcos company provide complete monitoring and control of ship equipment.

Damcos System includes the following function:

  • Remote control and alarm monitoring of Engine Control Room equipment
  • Cargo Operations control and monitoring
  • Alarms handling

  • System can be extended to the complete integrated solution Damcos Marine Tank Management.
    Generally, Damcos MTM is an intelligent system solution for complete monitoring and control of a ship's tankrelated functions.

    Damcos MTM solution provides:
  • Radar tank level measuring, cargo temperature and vapor pressure monitoring.
  • Ballast and Service tanks level measurement using pressure sensors or electro-pneumatic system.
  • Valves remote control - hydraulic system or electro-hydraulic (local hydraulic system installed on the actuator - LPU system).
  • Cargo operations control and monitoring from one of workstation in CCR or on the Bridge.
  • Interface to Load Calculator.

  • The Damcos automation control systems are based on a customer-specific system configuration which ensures optimum installation and performance.