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Watertreatment systems Quantum Water Engineering

Quantum specializes in the design and manufacturing of premium and tailor-made water treatment solutions for the marine sector.


Quantum’s reverse osmosis fresh water makers are recognized to be state-of-the-art systems due to its:
- High quality materials
- Top-tier brand components
- Reliability and efficiency
- Compact size
- Plug & pl ay design
- Flexibility. Tailor-made design
- Wide range of production capacities from 5 m3/day to 1000 m3/day

The QTM RO systems operate according to the well researched Reverse Osmosis (RO) principles.
This kind of process is nowadays the highest efficiency method for desalination of all types of water. It combines relatively low cost with simple plant operation and the space requirement in relation to output capacity is excellent.
In the R.O. process, the pre-treated feedwater is pressurized and forced along and through the Reverse Osmosis membrane, which allows water to pass and rejects almost all dissolved salts.
Some particles present in the feedwater will result in scaling, or formation of a fouling layer on the membrane surface. The result is lowered productivity and/or lowered salt rejection. Proper pre-treatment and periodic membrane maintenance will maintain the membrane surface clean and reduce membrane fouling. All QTM RO SW series include components and processes to optimize the lifetime of membranes.


Quantum manufactures cost-effective anti-fouling systems. These solutions range from 100 m3/day to 2.500 m3/day.


Supported by Top Scientific Institutions, Quantum has developed an innovate system that through a clean technology allows disinfection without the use of chemical agents. Quantum’s Electrolyzed Water Systems will :
- Increase the quality and freshness of any product (fish)
- Clean and Disinfect any surface on board
- Capacities from 5 m3/day to 25 m3/day


Quantum designs and manufactures filtration systems, media, microfiltration, for different applications on board.