Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management
Tank Level Gauging and Draft Measurement
Ship Automation Systems
Cargo Heating Management System
Marine Thermal Fluid Heaters
Oilon burners
Valves Remote Control
Tanks Venting Equipment
Tank Cleaning
Water Equipment
Oily and Sewage Water Equipment
Oil Discharge Monitoring
Marine bunkering and fuel consumption control systems

LPU System

The Damcos designed LPU system - Local Power Unit - is an integrated electro-hydraulic system for remote control of valves and actuators. The LPU consists of a hydraulic pump which is driven by an asynchronous capacitor motor and several valve functions. LPU is mounting directly on the valve actuator. The system is designed to have one of tree electrically different types of controls:
- Power controlled
- PLC controlled
- P-NET™ bus controlled.