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Classical Hydraulic Valves Remote Control System

The main components of classical system are SPU - System Power Unit, Solenoid Valves Cabinet and accessories.

System Power Unit includes hydraulic oil tank, pumps, hydraulic system and electrical control system.

Standard SPU features:

  • Level switch for low oil level - external
  • Automatic stop (level switch)
  • Oil level sight glass with temperature gauge
  • Remote start/stop operation
  • Potential-free output for power on, pump running, thermo failure and low oil pressure in motor starter box for external use
  • Selector switch between service and stand-by motor
  • Filling hose for nitrogen bottle of 10, 20, 35 or 50 liters volume
  • Power on and Pump running lamps
  • Reduction valve for constant working pressure

SPU can be delivered with manual selection of pumps motors or with full automatic service with PLC pump control.

The standard Solenoid Valve Control Modular Cabinets are designed to contain complete manifold systems consisting of manifolds, solenoid valves and various hydraulic components such as manometers, valves position indicators, pressure and temperature compensating blocks etc.

In emergency cases, when pressure is not available in the system, valves can be handled using the portable hand pump.