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HeatPlan / Materials

"HeatPlan" - the first Cargo Heating Management System Software to be used onboard or in the office, providing prediction, simulation and optimizing of cargo heating which results not only in significant cost savings but also improving of the general voyage planning in terms of fuel optimizing, and to be an integral part of SEEMP

Developed product based on a dynamic heat transfer model of each individual ship. This model is based on ship drawings and verified by statistic from the first voyage with cargo heating|( in same principle as loading computer software verified by inclination test). After implementing information about weather ( forecast) and cargo properties, the system automatically gives a suggestion for the most economical plan telling exactly at what day and how much steam to be used for each tank to get the best result.

The accuracy of the initial plan depends on the accuracy of the weather forecast and it will be corrected on a daily basis by implementing new forecast- so it becomes more and more accurate coming closer to the moment when the cargo heating to be started. To some extent the system is self-educating and by following this plan, owner will never start heating too early and never spend more fuel than necessary but he will be always be in time with the correct cargo temperature for discharge.

There are other factors such as: type of fuel and optimum boiler load. In the software package provided are prediction and simulation modes available to support the owner in his work to optimize the fuel consumption for cargo heating .

In simulation mode operator can insert his own data by setting amount of steam to be supplied to the tanks for the heating. The system automatically shows how cargo temperature will change.

In this mode the owner can generate his own plan (or several alternative plans) and to make a decision which one is better concerning the external factors.

At production stage we generate model of specific ship, each individual tank is modulated as well as a ship’ hull. Details of heating facilities (boilers, heating coils or deck heaters) are taken form manufactures specification and ship’s drawings
Once the vessel has it first laden voyage with heated cargo “fine tuning” of this model will be provided.

User data input

The user enter cargo grade details and the route’s weather forecast.
Charterers temperature restrictions are also entered into the program. With the given information the HeatPlan return the best heating plan.
The weather forecast can be updated continuously. As soon as the new information is entered the heating plane is updated.

User interface

The user interface is made for easy understanding. The data entry is straight forward and results are obtained in an easy manner.
The program is very well suited for simulation and training. The crew can use the software for simulating various scenarios. Further on the HeatPlan is an excellent platform for education in cargo heating.

Graphical output

HeatPlan return very clear and easy understandable graphs. The cargo temperature throughout the voyage as well as required steam in order to meet the planned heating.

Result of all calculations and planning can be saved in XLS format.